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Lucky Buck!

Last year ecubackpacker turned me on to a product that I had never used, lucky buck.  It was fairly cheap so I though what the heck I'll give it a shot.  I put some out early this year, around January or Febuary. I must say I am really impressed with this product so far, so thank you ecubackpacker.  The deer are really going after the site where I put the product out.  They have tore the ground up going after this stuff.  I placed it in between a bedding area and a feeding field and I can not wait till the season starts to try and get my first bow kill.  I haven't seen any mature deer from what I can see but I don't know a hunter around that wouldn't like to see 6 bucks in one shot.  I will be putting this stuff out from now on.  I have put some pictures from my trail camera to show the success.

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They might not be mature but

They might not be mature but thier still  some pretty good looking bucks in my opinion. I have never used any products like this and in fact it wouldn't even be legal here but I can see why you would like to be using it.  Obviously they really like it to get that many coming in.

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Heck, I would shoot any of

Heck, I would shoot any of them.  But, then again, I don't have the priviledge of hunting in an area where there are multiple bucks to choose from, or have enough time to be picky.

Those are some great photos!  And, it appears that "lucky buck" might be a decent product Wink

Can't wait to see what you shoot for a deer this fall.  Should be a good one if you are getting that activity on the cams!

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They are some really good

They are some really good looking deer, Im just excited that they are all so young and will have a chance to be some brutes when the get older.  I have another picture of the crab buck, we have named him claw. He is probally only two years old so I'm excited to see what he will be like in a few years.  I have to meet the people who hunt the place just beside mine and hope that the will continue a managment program as well.  One of these days I will have enough land to not worry about any neighbors for managment :fingers crossed:

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Two years old!! That would be

Two years old!! That would be a 5 year old around here.  Awesome pics!!!

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