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low recoil calibers

That is absolutely correct. The 30-06 is a relatively tame cartridge, and for North American game, it has all the power that is necessary. A 180 grain bullet at a flat 2700 fps packs quite a wallop. It also will deliver about 20 ft-lbs of recoil to the shooter in pretty much any modern rifle. For someone to claim a round that fires the same 180 grain bullet at 3000+ fps kicks only the same (or less) is absolutely ridiculous.

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low recoil calibers

One of my daughters (the one that hunts) killed her first deer at age 11 with my 30-06 w/ 125 gr supposedly low-recoil round. First shot nailed deer in the head and scope nailed her in the head. The next year I could not get her to pull the trigger on the 30-06, so we went shopping. We ended up getting the Ruger M77 Compact in 260 Rem caliber. Factory ammo is 140 gr. The cartridge is very elegant - good proportions with the 308 case. SWEET GUN. She rattles off rounds gleefully and has killed five more deer with it. I use it when she's not (most of the time). My gut feeling is that it's light for elk or sheep, and maybe even a tad bit light for that nice mule deer buck, but for white-tail deer it is the ultimate deer-shooting machine.

Here are some pics of my dotter with the gun ...




Yes, I'm braggin' on her.

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time for dads to stick their chest out and brag

Congrats to you and your daughter. The background in those pictures reminded me of home and now I am a little homesick.
I have 2 little ones growing up and wanted to ask you a question. I am of the belief that I should not buy the rifle as a gift but let her(aka new hunter) choose the rifle it seems to work better even if the deciding factor iis ,"Oh this has pretty wood" What have you found out? Oh was that 30-06 stock shortened?
As far as the 260/6.5x55 not being an elk cartridge,,, well they just not have done much research. I will post some numbers when I get home about moose hunting with many different calibres. I like numbers/ratios formulas balistic gelatin and especialy direct comparisons more than opinions.

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low recoil calibers

Thanks for the note. Answering your question, I don't have an answer. All kinds of theories of childraising (and I had/have GOOD ones) go out the window once you have your own and especially as they become little people (not just babies). Take it day by day, step by step. One approach may be good for one child and not for another. Feel it out. Come up with the answer to your question with each child. I have four daughters ... and right now only one has hunted, and she has lost interest (combination of this species called `boys' and she has already shot all she has wanted to for deer). My son just bought a portable DVD player. At first I said `no way'. Then I decided it would be okay if it was a purchase we did as a team.

Answering your other question ... the 30-06 is a Win 70 Featherweight, stock NOT shortened. Part of the discomfort for her was that it did NOT fit.

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semper gumby (allways flexable)

I am new to parenting 4 yr olds and I throw my wife into the equation because she keeps me on my toes(in a good way). I am finding out my first opinions are allmost allways wrong so my second ideas seem to be much better and need to be quick. My two little ones are just as bad as my Black Lab if they see me grab a rifle out of the safe. They go nuts so every one now goes squirel hunting and to the 3-D archery range. My little girl likes her syrofoam shooting bow and my son has a bb gun that has been shortened. My wife thinks that it is funny to shave off my feathers with her arrow. Then I have to glue some more on. Needless to say this hunter is very happy to be blessed with such a family. I try to look forward and avoid any pitfalls but when I look back it seems like this father/husband steered right towards all the holes on the road. Enjoy those hills.

Here are the numbers
A study done in Sweeden from 1984 to 1994 with a total of 8830 moose killed and the average shot was 66m. Most of this information was taken from guides who have to fill out a card, things like distance calibre shots taken moose running or still etc. Also sweeds have to qualify at a moving target, 25mph ish and 85 yards (center lung shot) to be able to hunt. The 6.5x55 twin brother to the 260 killed 2,792 moose with an average of 1.57 shots being fiered and the distance the animal went after being shot was 43 meters. The 30-06 killed 2,849 moose with an average of 1.57 shots being fiered, the distance the animal went after being shot was 47 meters. The 375HnH 211shot 1.33 number of shots and 31 meters after being shot. Not a big difference

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low recoil calibers

I think the calculated recoil information is a little more helpful than you give it credit for. Let's look at the factors you mention:

- stock design: I absolutely agree, but I think you've overstated it a bit. The most important thing about a stock is that it should fit well. I learned this the hard way when I started shooting my 7mm. The stock was about an inch too short and made it very tough for me to properly hold the rifle. I recently replaced the stock with a longer one and it feels much better.

- rifle weight: this is indeed factored into the recoil calculation. Admittedly it doesn't account for how the weight is distributed in the rifle, since this would be pretty hard to do, but I don't imagine that most modern conventional rifles differ too profoundly in this area.

- individual tolerance: true but irrelevent for personal comparative purposes.

It's useful to bear in mind that the table is for just that: *comparative* purposes. You can't experience recoil by reading a table, but if you shoot a given caliber, then look at the table, you can get an idea of how much more or less another caliber is going to kick. The table isn't the burning bush, but it is a useful tool.

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Low recoil

Hi there - I am in complete agreement with Don Fischer. The .270 is a harsh round. I am currently using 6.5 x 55 (6.5 Swedish) and 7 x 57 (7mm Mauser) and I can honestly say that you could fire these all day without worry.

Take care, kind regards,

Eddie Mason

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I grew up hunting deer. I

I grew up hunting deer. I started out with a 260 and then eventualy moved up to a 25-06. I personaly think that this gun would be good I still use it today and it works great for deer, antelope, hogs, and shooting in competitions.

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Rifle Selection

Young Hunter,

I think you have gotten some very good advice here.

Of all the calibers you listed I would be inclined to go with the .308 and the .243 for various reasons. Both will do the job if you do your part. The same could be said for the other calibers but I tend to favor the two I mentioned due to the availability of the rounds. I know I can find, while it may not be my preferred round, rounds in either caliber in the little Mom and Pop Store after I lose my ammunition, or the airlines have lost it for me.

Your stock will play a significant factor in how you perceive recoil as will your choice of recoil pad. I find that my .308 seems to feel like it recoils less due to the stock fitting me better and the recoil pad that came with the rifle. It soaks up recoil. 

Low Recoil rounds are a good possibility as well. The low recoil round, combined with a good fitting stock and well designed recoil pad, can have you shooting a larger caliber than you normally would at times and increase your comfort level which reduces the dreaded flinch.

By your screen name I can only guess that you may still have some growing to do. If so you might want to look in to a stock that can be adjusted to fit you as you gain in size. The AR stocks are good for this, as is the new Ruger Scout Rifle. I wish Ruger put the GSR Stock on more of their rifles instead of just the Gunsite Scout.

The action type you select will also play a factor in perceived recoil. Bolt Action rifles are the traditional hunting rifle but they do make Semi-Autoloading rifles in .243 and .308 as well. The .308 will give you more versatility over the .243 just in case you desire to hunt larger game than just deer. I view the .308 as 80% - 90% of the 30-06 and if I can't take my selected game animal with the .308 I will move to a larger caliber like the 9.3 x 62 or .375 H&H.

Good luck in your selection of a rifle. Keep in touch and let us know what you select and happy hunting.



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I am a try beleaver in the

I am a try beleaver in the 308win.  It is great for all kinds of hunting.  deer and elk. 

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