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Louisiana public land buck

I killed this 8-point buck this morning, on a WMA that is owned and managed by a timber company. No form of QDM is practiced on this land.

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Louisiana public land buck

Hello from Germany!

Congrats to this fine buck!

Which cal did you use, where did you hit him and did hi ran far?

Plan to come over next year to hunt in Ohio for whitetail.



Location: Choudrant, Louisiana
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Louisiana public land buck

I shot this deer with a .270 at about 60 yards. I was very high up a pine tree which gave me a steep downward angle at the deer. I hit him between the shoulder blades, he dropped in his tracks.

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous post, this was a 3 1/2 yr. old buck that weighed 175 pounds. I know this deer is no trophy by modern standards, but seeing how he came off public hunting land,with no QDM in place, and no agriculture fams within 40 miles, I think he is a very nice buck.

Good Luck on your future hunt to OHIO.

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Louisiana public land buck

that is pretty good for public land......the biggest i've seen out where i hunt is a 10 pointer....and thats rare....... I've seen a good handful of 4 and 6 pointers though.

I keep seeing HUGE tracks though......I know theres a monster lurking outthere. the toe print were about 3.5" long with tarsal prints even on a shallow print.

anyways..congrats on the 8 pointer!

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Louisiana public land buck

Congrats on a fine looking buck Thumbs up Thumbs up

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