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Louisiana Night Hunters Caught

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Louisiana Night Hunters Caught

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Louisiana Night Hunters Caught

Few years back we had a group of kids "night hunting" and a girl riding in the back of the truck was accidently killed when a gun went off in the cab of the truck. Really, Really Bad Idea not mention Very Unsporting Talk to the Hand

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Night Hunters?

Here's my reply to the email location/individual at the bottom of that article:

A Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division agent cited Dustin Foster, 23, of Elizabeth, Tony Abe Seals, 17, of Oberlin, Brandon Seals, 25, of Mittie, and Casey Randall Reeves, 26, of Dequincy, on Jan. 1 for alleged night hunting violations in Allen Parish.


What would be MORE INTERESTING is the outcome in court of what these outlaws will be charged with and the price they'll pay! My guess is....based upon 66 years of residing in Louisiana is "a little of nothing" based upon whatever judge/court they go up in!

This state is about 50 years BEHIND THE TIMES concerning this issue in comparison to harsh fines/penalties given/enforced by other states which are much more cognizant of their valuable resources and if I had my way....as is the thinking of many other legal hunters in Louisiana is that these guys and all others caught doing their dirty deeds would spend about two years in jail breaking rocks and lose the RIGHT TO HUNT here forever!!

So much for that thought because these 'outlaws' will still be allowed to CAST A VOTE!!

Sign me off as:

One pissed off old Vet!

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No Hunting License for The Night Hunters

I strongly agree with the revoking of any future license. I just stumbled on this information by mistake and it was mind blowing to me. I was suppose to be on a date with one of the listed illegal hunters and it just goes to show he should have gone to the New Years Eve Party and he wouldn't be in a world of trouble! Dequincy!

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Louisiana Night Hunters Caught

cajungirl......now you know. Be careful. Find another! Talk to the Hand

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