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lots of brass, what do i do with it?

I have saved my brass over the years. What does someone who doesn't reload do with it. As a kid i used to pawn it, that seemed to go away 15 years ago.

I have lots of .338 win mag, .30-06, .270wsm, .223, .40


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lots of brass, what do i do with it?

There's only one senseable thing to do. Start reloading! Big smile The 30-06, 270 ans 223 cases are fairly common and cheap. The others, ? I know a lot of handloaders won't touch used cases but many thrive on them. How many 270 cases do you have and what brand? I ask because I like them for 6.5x06 cases. I don't own a 270 but do a 25-06 and a 30-06. So I make them from 270's when I can get them. As for the rest, their worth what ever you can get for them. Might be a gun shop near you that would buy them from you.

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lots of brass, what do i do with it?

I second that.

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lots of brass, what do i do with it?

heres another idea.... SEND IT TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE Yes Ill reload it Thumbs up

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