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Lost my Bodie this year

Let them all out about 4am and every one but Bodie was back in in about 15 min, Bodie always came in a bit later though. So I'd get back in bed and he'd wake me when he was ready. I woke up a 8am and no Bodie. Called all day and he didn't show. Near 0* our and a couple feet of snow. Got out on the road and looked and called every where. Snow broke down enough ten days later that I got out and walked way back in looking with a friend, nothing. The next day I was talking to that friend on the way out to the barn and found him. He'd died and was laying under the front of the 5th wheel. I suspect he'd had a stroke and laid down and froze to death. Was really a hard time. I had bought a tracking collar just for him but never put it on in the morning or I might have got to him in time. Lost my Kate to a stroke years before but it was spring and did get to her. But the third one killed her. Losing a dog is really hard on me. This is one of the last picture's I took of him. Well can't get it 








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