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Lost hound dog - Large Reward - Central Florida

Female hound dog has been missing for over 2 weeks from Marion County Florida.  LARGE CASH REWARD!  No questions asked, just want our girl home.  Our daughter has been very sad missing her dog.  

Spayed Hound dog - she is on medication for a heart condition. REALLY needs her meds.
Please call 352-288-9900 if you have seen her, found her, or have any info --- See pics of her below. 
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Welcome to BGH!   Boy I hope

Welcome to BGH!


Boy I hope you find her! I lost an E.P. years ago. Gone well over a month and ran into a guy that found her. She'd gone right at 20mi. Had a Dunn's ID tag on and the guy called the number and they told hin they didn't know what he was talking about.

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