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Lost contact witha friend

Does anyone know Brentt Blair? He is a great moose and other game hunter in Alska and he is a resident of Alaska.
I used to keep in touch with him, but lost his e-mail. I would appreciate, if you let me know by posting here or sending me a personal e-mail. I hope that if he would see the attached picture, he would respond on his own.

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Lost contact witha friend

nope can't say i know him man but hope you find your friend

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Lost contact witha friend


I have been searching for you as well! We are lucky to have a mutual aquaintance that read this post and sent it to me!

Boris is doing quite well. He is actually living with a good friend of mine in Fairbanks. I was forced to move into the city and Boris is much happier in the expanse of my friends farm.

Hey has bayed a few moose for us to Photograph. It is illegal to actually harvest a moose with the help of a Dog now...

Boris has found his niche though. Ptarmigan and Grouse.That dog has a EXCELLENT nose and is able to flush those darn Ptarmigan up into the air for me to harvest.

He also alarmed us to a Griz that was poking around our Moose camp.

My email is in my profile. Send me a note if you like!


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