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Lost buck from 2004

Anyone know if this kid ever recovered his rack?

That would make you sick for a lifetime sad

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Lost buck from 2004

I sure hope so. I almost can't believe someone would stoop that low. Brick Wall,)

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Lost buck from 2004

Thats pretty scummy right there. Not suprising though considering the populatrity and value folsk are putting on "horn porn" these days. While I like to hunt a big racked buck with the best of them, alot gets lost when your first impression of an animal and its greatness centers around its headgear or size. Hunting was much more fun to me when all it took was a yearling doe coming down a trail to me to get the heart thumping wildly. I was conditioned by inch awe in the media to think that was a less than experience that shouldnt have me all excited for a long time. happy to say I have seen myself through that to the other side.

Sure hope they bust whomever stole this boys deer head. Stories liek this get more common every year. We had a processors freezer robbed of all the big buck contest entries here a few years back. Just ridiculous.

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Lost buck from 2004

i read an article not to long ago that said it was never found and the case is still open. i couldnt imagine having a deer of that size stolen from you. he needed to back track and figure who he told and showed but a buck that size you would show it off to everyone. all it took was someone at the local deer check in to see the buck in his truck follow him home see where he lives and then entering when hes gone. they wont ever find it i dont think but i hope they do i feel for that boy. i would beat someone brains in if they took a deer that size from me and i caught em! woooweee Shame on You!

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Lost buck from 2004

It is a shame that would happen. Especially to a young hunter. It reminds me of what happened a few years ago down in south Arkansas. We had a small park in the city and there were 3 bucks and a doe in a pen. Two of the bucks were trophy bucks and we had watched them for about 3 years. One night someone cut the fence and stole the 2 trophy bucks and left the others. As far as who took them or as to the fate of those 2 deer, we never found out. We can only hope that they took them for breeding purposes.

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