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Loosing my passion to hunt elk.

Some people are fortunate enough to live where they can "step off the back porch" and get their game. For them hunting is probably cheaper than buying it.

For the rest of us hunting is normally very expensive. Sometimes that's misleading because often the costs are spread over 2-3 months. My deer hunt this fall will probably run me around $400-500 once you add up food, ammo for the range and hunting, licence, travel to/from deer camp and butchering. For someone on a tight budget, they may not have the money, or would have better uses for it, especially when there's no garuntee that you'll come home with any meat.

$400 will keep the 2 of us in beef a long time.

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Loosing my passion to hunt elk.


On 2003-10-06 21:29, cowgal wrote:

That's not what I said.

Actually I wasn't responding to your post CowGal. But this time I am.

Like you said the topic of the thread is called "Losing the PASSION." Not "Why do you hunt less?" There are many reasons why a person stops doing something as much but losing the passion is something seperate altogether.

Some cited money as the reason for losing the PASSION. Money actually does play a factor in how much I hunt. But trust me when the money IS there I'm not punching the calculator to make sure it's more cost effective than buying beef. When I do miss a hunt due to money (or anything else for that matter) I usually mope around during the hunt because I'd "rather be huntin". :smile:

I also have a passion for skiing but thanks to the Olympics the cost of skiing around Salt Lake City is through the roof and I don't get to go as much as I'd like. But I still have a passion for it.

So why one loses the passion I don't know because I've never lost it, especially because of money. It could cost a million dollars or they cou;d outlaw it and I'd never be able to do it again, but the passion would still be there.

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Loosing my passion to hunt elk.

Never had those thoughts, but if I did, I would probably switch to photography. Still get the challenge of locating game and stalking them, but you just take away a photo or two. Which has the added bonus of being a little lighter than an elk carcass....

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