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Looking for place to go

I own a guide service in Maine,reasonable prices.www.sprucemountainhunting.com

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looknig for a place to go

Read meda's post carefully-he's right on-
I got my first WI tag in 4 yrs-wife and i gaev them to kids with bad illnesses--glad to do it- now takes 8 yrs cause Anti's apply then do not use tags it keeps honest folks from Hunting.

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Re: looknig for a place to go
drock15l wrote:
i have never bear hunted nor my wife but we ar interested in trying it. not looking for huge trophy bear just something we could be proud of. this would not be an anual thing, due to the expence so we are just looking for a decent priced hunt hopefully under 1000, so if anyone has any info that would be great

I have just started operating Killarney Bear Hunts in Killarney Ontario Canada. If anyone is interested you can e-mail me at killarneybearhunts@hotmail.com for more information. Guaranteed trophy Black Bears...the area has not been hunted in the past four years and the bear population is steadily growing. Fishing is also included in the package - walleye, musky, pike.....accommodations by boat where you will stay in your own log cabin. E-mail for more info.

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looknig for a place to go
drock15l wrote:
i live in southeast nebraska, and yes travel can be a factor. I don't even know if i will hunt this is a dream of my wifes to kill a black bear so thinking of a aniversary gift possibly. I would like to hunt but two bears, and a taxidermy bill for two might hit the pocket book a little hard.

Take a quality digital camera and take hudreds of pics at full resolution of both bears. For your wife allow her to pick her mount/rug and then if possible you go for a shoulder mount. If that is too much you can have a nice mount of your skull with a blown up photo of the kill.