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Looking for urban youth involved in bow hunting

Good day to everyone, 

I am an independent freelance video journalist researching for a 2 minute video story on urban youth involved in bow hunting. I am looking for a dynamic and interesting individual or group of young adults from an urban or suburban setting who have found a passion for bow hunting of any game FOR FOOD. The intention is to tell the story of young people returning to hunting as a survival activity and how it has shaped their beliefs about modern society and our place in the world. I am looking preferably in Southern California but can travel north or to nearby states for the right story. I am hoping that someone in this forum might be able to refer me to an interesting young person or group that might like to tell their story. 

There is no political or alterior motive. I would be happy to discuss the idea further with anyone who is interested. Thank you for your time and consideration. 

Eric Zentmyer


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