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Looking for Turkey Hunt

I am looking for an inexpensive turkey hunt for Rio's for 2008. I am really not looking for an outfitted hunt, just some good ground with some good birds. Possibly somewhere in Kansas???? This hunt would be for me and a friend and possibly my son. We are all respectful, responsible, hunters who love chasing turkeys. Please P.M me if you have something available. Also feel free to call 715-305-7295 Thank you,Laird

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Looking for Turkey Hunt

Sorry I can't help you with the Rio's, they are further west from where I hunt. We have tons of Easterns around here.

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Re: Looking for Turkey Hunt

Did you manage to find an outfitter for your turkey hunt? I have some contacts in Kansas, that could help you. Let me know.
You can visit my website if you like, and use the contact form to provide me all the details.Or you can give me a call.

Thank you,

Vlad Susanu

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