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Looking for tips on filming hunts

My son and I are relatively new with filming our hunts. We have filmed deer on some of our hunts and on a few occasions we shot some deer but we weren't in one accord and every time we missed the actual shot. Does anyone have any tips to make this any easier? I never thought it would be so difficult.

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I've been trying for a couple years to vid some of our hunts and now have a brand new respect for guy's getting it done on video its not a easy task. One think I have learned is that one guy has to be in charge of the camera and thats his job and nothing else. If you can hunt out of a ground blind it can make for some good videoing opportunity and have a good tripod and don't be touching it when the shot go's off, I miss a deer from when I jumped the cam when the bang came.

Good luck lets see some of those vid's!

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Looking for tips on filming hunts

One year I went with a buddy to be camera/video man. He was drawn for Elk, and I just went along as usual. I set up for the hunt in a tree stand slightly up hill and off about 50 yards I guess from him in his stand. Early filming went great, the zoom was fine, and I got some great shots of him setting up, waving at me etc.

Then came action time... and the batteries went dead, LOL. I could have gotten some great shots of him blowing it, as the arrow fell off the rest and swung out as he aimed at a Cow, him using his tongue to put it back on the rest at draw, the whole event was classic! Bummer I couldn't get it all. Back at camp he found he had left spare batteries behind, so that was it...

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