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Looking for some education

Hey all, I know this question has been asked several times, but I'm going to define a little better.

I'm interested in subscribing to some magazines that may help me understand and learn more about hunting Elk. I've looked at Eastmans, my main issue is it seems more filled with hunting stories than with education tidbits of information. I hunt both archery and rifle so am interested in learning what I can for both seaons. Anyone have recommendations? I don't mind the equipment reviews and such as I find those educational as well, but would like something more than the "there I was, sun in my eyes, Elk running at me, I dropped him at 1 yard, slobber everywhere" type of thing.

Any help is much appreciated.

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I have never seen a magazine

I have never seen a magazine that will explain in detail how to really hunt elk. It is something that is usually done by trial and err, mostly err unless you have someone that you hunt with that has gone through the process of learning.

While I have never done it Colorado Parks and Wildlife have a on line Elk Hunting University that you can go though. It may give you some ideas.


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Not expecting to get everything in one issue

Last year someone handed me a Field and Stream where the author had interviewed 4 Elk hunters and they shared some techniques they used. Those articles I find interesting and educational. I'm looking for a magazine that might give more types of information/interviews such as this.

Perhaps one doesn't exist yet. If that's the case I'll continue to research online and buying the books. I was just looking for something additional. I'm pretty new to archery as well, so anything educational in that area helps too.

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your better off almost looking stuff up on line. There are lots of Youtube videos you can watch and you can buy videos for beginners on line as well or maybe from your local archery shop or maybe cabellas. Personally I would find someone to hunt with who can show you the ropes.

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Looking for some education

I'm not currently aware of many magazines specifically for Elk off hand, except for "Bugle" which is put out by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). You might want to check out their website, poke around for articles, tips, etc. to see if it helps you. I've been to their seminars before they have, which weren't bad if any of those will be near you.

Here's the link~ http://www.rmef.org/

Also, not sure where you are from, but some states like mine (AZ) have similar groups like the Arizona Elk Society more dedicated to that specific locale, and they put out a quarterly magazine "The Tracker" that you can also read online I think. http://arizonaelksociety.org/

Anyway, maybe you could look for a group near you too if possible... if not, perhaps the library or books available from Amazon.com or somewhere?

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Check this out...They also

Check this out...They also have an online store associated with it that has pretty good prices and great service.  Look at the "Gutless Method" video while you are on the site.  Hopefully I will be trying it this fall




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Like some have said here it is mostly trial and error, and magazines don't usually tell you much except about the particular hunt.
Where I live elk are very hard to locate in the forests, so I usually find the feeding area and go from there. Once the first shots are fired here the become very nocturnal moving from the feeding areas well before legal shooting light, that's when I move back into the forest on a known travel corridor so they come past at legal time. I would think that elk hunting say in Colorado or any state would be somewhat different than here when you could get high and glass below. Around here that is not an option.
As for reading material on the how to's of elk hunting there was a book put out some years back by Don Laubach and Mark Henckel called Elk Talk, but I am not sure if you could ever find it now. They also had a book called The Elk Hunter
the info I have on this is

E.L.K. Inc
Box 85
Gardiner MT

I am not sure if they are even in business still but it may be worth a call.

Good Luck

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Elk hunter magazine is great.

Elk hunter magazine is great. Educational and good reviews of hunting gear.  RMEF is great as well, but more stories.

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good advise

If you're looking for good advise out of any magazine I suggest you stay away from magazines like Outdoor Life and Field & Stream.  I enjoy reading both these magazines, but mostly for entertainment purposes, as they offer little pactical or real advise for any hunter anymore.  Not sure they ever did. I'd say about 3/4 of the stuff they suggest is useless ramble given by writers with more experience writing than actually hunting. I say that's true of about 99% of all mainstream publications out there. Those magazines are designed to market stuff, not teach you anything.

I agree with the poster who suggested Bugle from RMEF, but even they have an agenda that has less to do with teaching hunting and more to do with getting members to volunteer for outdoor projects.  Make no mistake that RMEF volunteers often get great opportunities to learn and hunt land often off limits to everyone else.  It all depends on the connections you make,

But you'd gain more practical experience and knowledge much faster by just taking a seminar held by your fish and game dept and heading out yourself to see what it's all about. There are also a number of good books published out there that have good advise.  Check out the Complete Guides, they offer a bunch of different books on hunting and outdoor stuff.

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check out elknutforums.con

check out elknutforums.com lots of really good info

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