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Looking for a Partner for AZ 6A 3108 Hunt

I am looking for someone who was also drawn for the muzzleloader elk hunt in unit 6A. I would rather hunt with a partner or should I say that my wife would prefer to not see me by myself. The last time I was rifle hunting by myself I told here that if anything happened to me it would not be for lack of firepower. For some reason that did not seem to alleviate her concerns. All kidding aside, it is nicer to go with someone. My previous partner moved away after getting married. We pretty much hunted our own directions but shared in the chores and campfire stories. It is great to have help when dressing and toting.

I plan on a couple of scouting trips that will include checking out the Motel in the Pines in Munds Park. I rented a room w/kitchenette for the season just in case. I normally camp out and will decide whether to keep the room after the scouting trips.

Let me know if you are interested. I live in Tucson.

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