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looking for an outfitter

Me and my dad are looking to go on a good guided hunt we are looking for elk, caribou, or mule deer or a combo deal. The location does not matter but as this is most likely a once in a lifetime trip we would like to find an outfitter that we have a good chance of success with.

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looking for an outfitter

I can help you with some info in Canada, especially caribou. The elk and mule deer hunts are cheaper in the US than up here, I have Canadian outfitters that hunt them though.

If I can be of assistance PM me.

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Fully Guided Hunt For Elk or Deer

If you are looking for an Elk hunt or Whitetail hunt or both I would deffinately like to help. We are located in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada and our succes rate is 99% harvests. We have harvested Big Elk over 460 B&C and Whitetail over 220 B&C. If you are looking for a good time and some great trophies send me an E-mail so I can fill you in on all the info, and answer any questions you may have.

Northern Legends Ranch

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