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Looking for new scope for my 270

Well, 90% of the responses you'll see here or anywhere are the same. Everyone seems to think that what THEY use is the best. Why else would they have it? Plus most won't admit they bought the scope they did on "name only" or because it was "on sale". I'd guess at least 40% of "pricce" one pays these days, for most major purchases, you are paying for the "name". Don't assume the lesser brands are all poorer quality.-Jim

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Looking for new scope for my 270

Although I have and use Leupold, there are other equally good options out there. Before Leupold I have used Simmons, Tasco, and Bushnell but each scope fails with the exception of the Bushnell. I would not hesitate to buy a Bushnell 3200 or 4200 and know that I have a good scope. I use Leupold because they have never failed and I use my rifles in all conditions. I do not have a reason the switch. I bought based on reputation and I now know why they have that rep. That was 15 years ago but I still have that first Leupold working perfectly. If I was going to buy today, there are many more choices to choose from that are equally as good as the Leupold(some mentioned above). I have heard good things from Nikon, Burris, Bushnell, and Weaver. Get what you can afford and enjoy. Fuzzy gave some good options. I have heard great things about both scopes he recommended.

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Looking for new scope for my 270
mjhogfan wrote:
I want to say thanks for all the replies. Also, does anyone have an opinion on the 3x9x40mm Nikon Buckmasters? A good friend of mine has one and he has nothing but good things to say but he is one of those guys that whatever he owns is always the BEST. eye roll

I bought one for a 243 and it's a real nice scope. As for the Tasco World class, I've owned several and they are very good scopes. Have one on a 6.5x06, a 25-06, a 6.5x55 and a 308. But Tasco went under some time ago and then sold out. The new Tasco's are made by someone else. A friend got one and the thing's just not finished as well. Then it's on a 223 so will likely never know if it will hold up.

Word of caution about older Tasco's. I've shot one off a 25-06 and one off a 6mm. The ring that holds in the front glass wasn't any good. I'd get the Nikon.

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Looking for new scope for my 270

Go with Leupold. It's what my .270 win wears. Pick a model that serves your needs. Have always had great luck with them

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Looking for new scope for my 270

Another Vote for the Leupold....I got one on my .270 WSM....3X9X40 VX I and a life time garantee....for 110$ Brand new ...DO NOT BUY FROM CABELAS....WAY OVERPRICED Thumbs up

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