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Looking For A New Colorado Hunting Camp

We lost our private that we used to hunt on and my group has since disbanded.

Our land was in GMU 70 just north of Little Cone.

My son is now 8 and I am planning on bringing him along with me, but I am not totally comfortable of bagging an elk without any help to packing it out. Are there any other dads that are in the same situation that would like to get together for a hunt.

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I am sorry that you didnt get

I am sorry that you didnt get any response. It's unfortunate. I grew up hunting in a group like the one that you are trying to put together for your son. It was my dad, uncle, and 5 or 6 of their childhood and adult friends that would get together every year. The wealth of hunting and life knowledge My brother and I got from those guys was awesome.

I wish I could help but 90% of my hunts now are backpack in type hunts and solo or at most with a partner. Not necessarily the type of hunt for a youngster. 

Good luck with your upcoming season. hopefully the youngster has a great experience that keeps him coming back.

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What Season?

What season are you hunting? 

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