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Looking to join/create a group of guys serious about going on DIY hunts

I'm a serious big game hunter from Pa looking for a few guys to get together with to go on DIY hunts in the west and Alaska with. My current hunting partners lack the funds and motivation to participate. I have all the equipment to do so. I am currently into Long Range shooting/hunting and have been a bowhunter for 28 years. I've hunted Pa, NY and Co and Id love to make a trip to Idaho for Whitetail and Wolves as well as POW island in Alaska for bear and Sitka deer, just to start. Im also studying for my pilots license and own my own two person bushplane with floats. I'd like to join a small group of motivated, serious, reliable guys who share the same drive to make these hunts happen. I've never been one to hand over $3000-$5000 for a hunt so I can be lead around and pampered. Other than, supposedly, being put on game, I cant swallow that. Please contact me if this peaks your interest at all and we'll talk.

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Good Luck

Good luck.

I am kind of in the same boat as you are, i do DIY hunts out west every year, mainly for Elk, i am burnt out on deer.
I have all the gear too, I started doing it back in 1986. but it is hard to find guys that want to go every year.
I have went by myself a couple of times.
OH, i live in Michigan.
I finally went to the Michigan Sportsman forum and put a ad there, and got some guys interested in future hunts.
PA probably has the sportsman forum too, you may want to try it too ?


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