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    Heres a poor mans rifle

    Heres a poor mans rifle that has spilt alot of blood out to five hundred yards. My son like it so i got him one, but i put a silver leupold 4.5X14 w/B&C not LR and you can use the factory 1" rings the gun comes with.

300WSM Tikka T3 lite $600

Leupold 4.5x14LR w/B&C and 30mm rings $750

Limbsaver pads $60

Extra magizine $50 

Total weight 6.8lbs on floor scale or 6lbs 13oz on fishing dig scale (with no bullets in rifle)

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What are the black "rubber

What are the black "rubber looking" things on the barrel?

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Lite 300 WSM

I appreciate everyone's input. I have decided to extend my budget. I am looking at Christiansen Arms and Ultralight after having some insightful conversations. Any thoughts on one or the other would be helpful. Also any thoughts on 300WSM versus 300 WIN MAG.

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So, the .300 Win Mag has just a little bit more case capacity, and if you handload and/or like heavy bullets, you can crank out a little bit more velocity.  If you don't handload, the .300 Win Mag has a better selection of factory ammo, but there's absolutely no shortage of 300 WSM offerings.  On the other hand, since weight seems to matter to you,  you can shave a few extra ounces by going with the shorter action for a WSM.

I'd not worry about the extra couple of meaningless fps that the Win Mag could offer in favor of light weight in your situation.  

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a christisan arms .300 wsm

a christisan arms .300 wsm would be a very nice modern rifle.  good for you, if you get it.

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I have a Browning 300 short

I have a Browning 300 short mag - super light - love it.


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Muzzle Break?

I don't know how recoil sensitive you are, but my cousin has a model 70 featherweight in 300 Win Mag that he had to tame via a muzzle break. Yes the blast is irritating, but for him it is worth it since he only owns this and the same gun in 270 WSM. Furthermore, the accuracy is great. He reloads 180 partitions and gets .40" groups at 100 yards all day long. I agree on the optics, the better the quality the happier you will be. Good luck!

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Need Scope Advise

Thanks to all for their input. I decided to increase my budget and sent in a deposit for an Ultra Light Arms 300 Win Mag. I have been looking at Leopold Scopes and trying to make a decision. The two times I hunted in Utah the shots were between 500-700 (both kills). The scopes I am considering are :

Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40mm

Leupold VX-3L 3.5-10x50mm (4 oz heavier and twice the price)

Any recomendations?


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