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Looking for Idaho Guide services

i plan on traveling to idaho in a few months to visit my dad and I was wanting to do a little hunting while there..anyone have any idea, i would like to use my rifle(270) but can use my bow also...i have about 1500 to spend max

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Looking for Idaho Guide services

When are you going to be in Idaho, during the spring or fall? If it is in a few months as you say, you might be there during the spring bear season, which is mid April through the end of June.

$1500 is a pretty limited budget, a spring bear hunt with us runs $1800 for a 5 day hunt, with the tag costing just over $150, so we could get you close to your budget.

If you are going to be there in the fall, drop camp hunts run around $2000 for archery or rifle bear, elk, and deer. You could do a muzzleloader cow elk for $1500, but that is close as we could get to your budget.

Let me know if you'd like more info. Good luck finding a hunt and have a great visit with your father.

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