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Welcome to BGH! Sounds to me

Welcome to BGH!

Sounds to me like you have someone to help you out. I have never heard of schooling of any kind to learn hunting. There's a lot to it and it's not rocket science. Do you have any idea if you want a compound bow or a re-curve?

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@Fischer: I don't even know

@Fischer: I don't even know the difference between the two, ha ha. I'm a fairly strong guy, which one would have more power?


Also, does anyone know if old logging roads are posted anywhere? I'd like to find a nice secluded place to camp, and do a little hunting if possible.

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bow info

Have a look at;


at the bottom right of that page you will see a section called "buyers guides"

These guides do an excellent job of explaining the mechanics and physics of both compound and traditional bows.  Well worth your time to educate yourself before you purchase.  Getting a great deal on something that will not work for you is no deal at all.

Even if you don't have to take a hunter safety course in OR, take the time to take a Hunter education course.  WA has an online coarse that says it costs $20.00, but you don't have to pay that until you take the practical exam which you would never have to take.  The online part would be well worth your time.  Find it at the  WDFW web site, go to the hunting section and then hunter education.  Choose the online coarse.  While it is certainly important theres more to hunting than just safety. 

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Sounds like you are well on your way to developing the healthiest life long addiction you can have!  

I recently saw a flyer at an archery range that would fit what you are looking for.  It was archery focused, but it covered a wide range of topics.  It sounded like you could tailor your curriculum from general archery lessons, various hunting techniques, tracking, and even horseback hunting and camping.  I imagine taking full advantage of that class would get expensive, but it could be cost effective by picking the topics most relevant to you in order to speed your individual learning curve.  Unfortunately it was in Colorado, but I imagine similar classes exist everywhere else if you look hard enough.  I would check out local sporting goods stores, archery shops, archery ranges, gunshops, and shooting ranges to find similar flyers in your area.  While at these locations, try to strike up conversations with employees and customers.  I think you will find that most people who enjoy hunting love to talk about it and share their experiences; hence this website and the hours I have spent reading and participating on it.  

One other comment, as you get started, don't let cost deter you.  Secondhand items are just as effective as brand new, and you do not need near as much gear as you might think.  At its most basic, all you need is a weapon that you can become proficient with, projectiles for that weapon, a good knife, and a hunting license.  Any gear beyond that should either increase the capabilities, efficiencies, and/or comfort of your hunting experience.  

Good luck on your new endeavor.  Stick around and learn as much as you can from all the articles and forums.  As you think of new questions, keep asking away.  You may not always get the answer you were looking for, but you get great information more often than not.  

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Washington park has a free

Washington park has a free outdoor archery range, lots of people use it year round. It's kind of sloppy, with rotting hay bails, and mud, but it's free! I used to go there a lot. haven't been much lately, so It might be better or worse than I remember. the last day I went there was this guy with his son and about 5-8k$ worth of archery gear, spotting scope, the whole 9 yards... so it must be an alright place to shoot.

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