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Looking to hunt MULE DEER in Nebraska or Kansas

I am looking for information on mule deer hunting in Nebraska or Kansas. I am an outfitter from Washington state, and really want to hunt prairie muleys. Just need a little help getting started. Where to go? Draw info? Would like to hunt rifle. What special permit units are worth putting in for?

Like I said, I am an outfitter from WA. I guide totaly mule deer here. I'm a mule deer fenatic. I would be willing to trade any info on hunting or fishing in WA for your info on NB or KS.

If someone wanted, I would even be willing to "Trade a hunt" for you here in WA, in exchange for me coming there. I have mule deer, whitetail, bear, salmon and steelhead. Lets work something out.

I have applications in for Nevada and Idaho this year, so I'm planning on hunting NB, KS in 2012. Please help. Thanks! 

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Nebraska is a non-resident

Nebraska is a non-resident friendly state to hunt Mule deer, most of our Mule deer is done in western Nebraska, tags are over the counter and a little over $200 each with a limit of 2, Non residents may purchase tags starting July 11th. There is lots of public land to hunt on. I would look and nebraska game and parks for more info, but a good place to start is the areas around Chadron Nebraska.