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Looking to hunt feral hogs in TN, need some help/ info

I've been trying to find public land or private land to hunt for hogs in TN. I live in Hamilton County. I moved here from up north 9 years ago. I have a little problem understanding the TN regulations (quota hunts, what you can take, where, when, etc.) They are very different from what I'm used to, so much so, I haven't done much hunting. In regards to feral hog and boar, it get's a little confusing.

What I would like, is some information on where I can hunt (with a chance of success) on public land, or, if someone is gracious enough, to invite me along on a hunt on their private land. I am an avid hunter and have been hunting for 30 years. I'm very safety conscious and willing to pull my own weight.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Looking to hunt feral hogs in TN, need some help/ info

Just curious if anyone ever got back to you or if you have had any success? I'm in the military and am coming down there for leadership training.While there, I'd like to hunt hogs. Shoot me an email if you're aroung the Knoxville/Alcoa area. tbellileusaf@hotmail.com

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