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Looking to hunt

I have just relocated from NJ to Jax FL area. I am looking for deer hunting clubs or small leases in the north Florida area. 35 years deer hunting exp. and references from former club available. Please help!

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Looking to hunt

Welcome to BGH chazmo53.
I dont know of any clubs in that area so I cant help you there.
You might look up a local Gun Shop and ask about any clubs needing members.
If you find any I hope you'll post here so others might also have some info.

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Looking to hunt

Go on Jacksonville Craigslist and do a search for "hunt" in the for sale section. As of last week, several clubs were still looking. I guess this would work for most cities down here.

Also, Rayonier timber leases tens of thousands of acres in the Jax/ St. Augustine/ Flagler County area, check thier website for specifics.

I am hunting one of the FWC recreational use areas, the fees are pricey considering it is public land, but you have the permit for the whole season. Look at the FWCC website. I love it though, I pulled a 9 point off there last year.
I was in there this morning and saw 2 deer and a dozen or so turkey.

I live in Jax as well, contact me if you have questions on the public land side, I have been to most of the better areas around here, just killed a muzzleloader season buck on Saturday and was surrounded by hogs on Sunday.

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