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Looking for a guided Javelina hunt

I am looking for a guided hunt for Javelina, for 3 hunters. Seen a few ads on the net, but not sure that I can trust the outfitter. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jav hunts near CC, TX

Hey, what state or area do you want to hunt?

My ranch is near Corpus Christi, TX. Currently, we are advertising wild hog hunts but we also have a decent javelina population.

You better get on a javalina hunt soon because I think they may start to protect them, at least in TX. Growing up, we had hundreds of Javs on our 300 acre ranch in south tx. During my childhood years they far outnumberd wild pigs out there. However, about 10 yrs ago I started to notice a change. We were seeing less and less of them. It went from seeing about 20 or 30 each day to maybee a couple a week, then a couple a deer season. It was weird!

I thought that maybee the hogs were pushing them out because during this time we started to get more hogs. However, I just heard that it was some sort of disease that was killing javie populations. This made sense because we did not shoot them except on rare occassions.

Today, they have made a decent comeback on my ranch and I feel positive that I can put yall on several of them. We have several good sized packs running around out there with a couple good sized males. They also had a good crop of babies last year.\

If you want to come let me know in advance so that I can track the area that thet are hanging in and things should be quite easy. We offer 6 blinds with electric feeders, 2 bow hunting stands with feeders, or you could bait and stalk which is what I like to do especially for pigs/javies!

We charge a flat $150 rate for hog hunts so I guess Ill do the same for the javies! Running hunts cost a lot of money and time, so I cant give money back garuntee, but I can offer you a free 2nd hunt if you do not get a chance to shoot. This does not apply for wounded animals or shots that a miss can not be verified! We want you to have good time and get an animal, so I think this is a fair deal. We have great success rate as long as conditions are decent!

Contact me at 361-945-1441. Please do not call before 8 am or after 10 pm out of courteousy! Thanks!

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javelina hunt

do you still offer bowhunts near Corpus Christi? I'm looking for a place to hunt them the last week in Feb 2011.


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javelina hunt

Did you ever go on the hunt near Corpus Christi? I would like to bowhunt for javelina near there myself and appreciate any advice on outfitters in that area.

Thank you

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