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Looking to go WY Mule Deer Hunting in 2010

My buddies and I are talking about going Mule Deer hunting in WY. Looking to maybe hunt in the Clark, WY area. Does anyone have any info on lodging in that area as far as cabin rentals etc. Also what regions/areas would be good to hunt? Any and all information on hunting mules in that area would be great thanks. Big smile

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Looking to go WY Mule Deer Hunting in 2010

Welcome to BGH,
Right now I'm working on getting my Wyoming elk rankings out, but I've been peeking at some of my deer info too. I haven't delved into it too heavily yet, but at first glance I think you can do better. You can get a lot of good info off the WGF website, but I'll give you a little sneak peak at what you can't get: The herd that makes up units 105 and 121 (Clark area) has just under 6 deer per square mile, which is fair, but not stellar. The one real kicker is that they pound the deer pretty heavily, to the tune of about 35% of the mule deer bucks being killed annually. That doesn't bode well for trophy potential. There are a handful of areas with over 10 deer per square mile (mule deer, not WT, that's a little different) and several harvest just in the mid teens % of bucks annually.

But be careful, mule hunting might get you in trouble, maybe stick with mule deer neener!

Sorry, couldn't help it. Anyway, just at first glance, I'd say Region Y and Region D are good bets for large populations and good trophy potential.