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looking for elk or moose guide

I am looking for an elk or moose guide for 2012 season. There is a list of guides on the below links. Is there any one in the forum who has experience with these guides?






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I would look up www.ellsriverblackbearhunting.com , In winter i work in the area that they guide in and i have seen quite a few big moose and lots of wolves. I'm not sure if they guide for moose, but if not ask them who guides moose in that area. In my opinion for big moose you have to get away from the crowds.

 Or you could possibly try someone in northern sask like www.shaddlakecabins.com   , hunting from a boat is best for moose in my books.

 But as always talk to previous clients and find out what the real deal is.

    Good Luck in your quest for a moose  Thumbs up

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