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Looking at buying a Knife set

I am looking at buying a knife combo set and was wondering if anyone has or knows anything about these 3 sets I am looking at. Also what would be the pro's and con's from what you can see also. thanks




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First of all I have not used

First of all I have not used any of the sets in question. I generally just use one medium sized dro point for everything from gutting and skinning to rough capipng if necessary. Caping is something I rarely have need of as I almost never have mounts done. 

I have had very good luck with Kershaw products so far but I don't see the point of two bigs blades like in that set. The second set looks pretty good with a skinning knife and a smaller caping knife as well.  Too much stuff to cary around in the first one for me. I'm not a fan of gut hook blades either as they are hard to sharpen and just don't seem to work well for me. Just a standard drop point can do it all with a little practice. 

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The big question is what are

The big question is what are you planning on using the knifes for?  I have butchered a whole elk in the field using nothing more than a Leatherman multi tool.  Usually all you need for any animal is a sharp bladed knife with a 4" blade if you are planning on boning him out.  The saw is nice to have but isn't necessary if you are going to bone him out, but if you are planning on leaving the bone in a saw is nice.  A more important item for a knife set is a hone or someway to sharpen the knife when it gets dull.

When I am out hunting all I have with me is a 2 1/2" pocket knife, my Leatherman, and usually either a 5" lock blade hunting knife or a 5-6" fixed blade knife and a small sharpening ceramic V and I feel quite ready for any situation that come up.   

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I agree

I agree with what the others have said for the most part.  I do however think a hunter is wise to have a good few butchering knives at his/her disposal, either in camp or at home.  At home I have a few knives from Forschner (victorinox) that include a boning knife and butchers knife. I use them for final butchering and portioning of the meat before freezing. 

In the field and even in camp I've rarely had any need for a knife with a blade longer than 4".  I prefer a plain edge.  I've used a few different knives over the years but generally stick with either my trusty old Buck 110, or my Gerber Mangum LST lockback.  Last season I brought and used my Ontario RAT-3 fixed bade drop-point.  On elk hunts I always include a Gerber camp hatchet and fillet knife as well. In the field I include in my pack a small butchers steel for quickly touching up the knife edges when needed.

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