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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

hi guys i have grown up hunting and fishing and i really love to bow hunt but now i want to purchase my own gun. i have been hunting wit my dads 30-30 for years now. i would like to know what i should buy? i like to shoot for fun and hunt for whitetail-bear and someday elk or moose. thanks guys for the help. chris

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

No better time than late winter or early spring to buy a perfect second hand(used very little) rifle. The ever popular 30.06 covers all those needs you suggested and will be the most common caliber you'll come across.
If you are not familiar with used rifle pricing and fall in love with something, post back with ALL descriptors that you can type and members will provide some good, honest input.
Now is the time to shop Thumbs up

ps: What State,Province or Territory are you in, gotta know that too

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

yup let us know pal we'll do the best we can to help ya....good luck Thumbs up

p.s. i also suggest the 30-06 or just as good the ever popular 270 win.

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

Welcome to BGH.

Like hammer said, you'll find a lot of used 30-06's out there. Actually there are a lot of cartridges that would fit what you want. Some things to consider are do you or do you plan on reloading? Certain kidns of ammo is quite a bit cheaper than others. If you want to shoot a lot that could be a factor.

You said you shoot for fun, whitetail and bear and down the road maybe elk and moose. Shooting for fun I suspect means plinking which means more shooting than a lot of people. Also down the road for elk and moose can also be a down the road rifle or something smaller now that would work. I think I'll ignor the elk and moose part for now. I'm guessing you are from New York and upstate has lots, at least did when I was a kid, of woodchucks. The 25-06 would be a great cartridge for all those things, has a lot less recoil than most bigger cartridges and has a good range of bullets from varmit to big game. The lighter recoil will let you shoot more comfortably.

There is a Eouropean cartridge that bears looking at if you see one, the 6.5x55. Draw back is ammo might be hard to find in your area. The 270 Win is another good choice but for varmit type bullets you'll have to hand load. Everything from the 270 up will get you into the elk moose class. 7mm-08, 7mm on the 308 case is said to be a fine cartridge, very popular for light recoil and good balistics and good bullets. Pretty much the same class as the 7x57 which I've owned three and wouldn't hesitate to take on anything in the lower 48 with. The 308 and 30-06 are two great cartridges that also do it all. But the recoil is starting to climb with them due to the heavier bullets they use. A bit more than you 30-30.

Were I in your position and wanting what you want, the 25-06 is the first thing I'd look at.

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

my vote would be for the 270 Win. based on the performance of the cartridge and the price and availability of ammo. It will also work on everything from ground hogs up to and including moose. I've heard good things about the 25-06 but have no experience with one.
By then end of this search you'll want one gun in every cartridge mentioned (which is not a bad thing!)

good luck

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

.308 would get my vote.

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

I too would go with the 308win. It's available in factory bolt, lever, pump and single shot actions from 18" to 24" barrel lengths and will handle any game in the lower 48 at it's maximum point blank range (MPBR) and some. Can't go wrong with a 308win or for that matter the 30-06. The 30-06 also comes in a variety of factory actions and typically a 22" barrel, which suites the round very well indeed.
The 308win can handle most 30 caliber bullets up to 180gr. After 180gr you start loosing some performance. The 30-06, because of the longer case, can handle the full spectrum of 30 caliber bullet. Most all hunting with the 30 caliber rounds is done with bullet weights from 150gr to 180gr., with a few exceptions. Some hunters prefer a heavier bullet in their 30 cal magnums and some prefer heavier bullets in thick brush or on heavy boned game. The choices for heavier bullets in 30 caliber would be 200 gr, 220gr, 250gr.

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

well, nothing wrong with a 30-30

I've harvested many deer, caribou and moose with my 30-30

that said, ok, you want to move on up?

cover all the bases.....30-06

also great..... .270

my 14 year old son just bought a .308...and that's a fine gun too....

....many factors to consider

shoot what you can handle and pick a good scope ?

my 2 cents

yukon hunter....nothing fancy....just gettin' it done


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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

Ditto on the .270 Win. Recoil is easy to handle and it is adequate for elk & moose. You can find ammunition for it anywhere it is sold.

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

thanks you guys are awsome thanks for the help i really tryin to make my mind up. Also is it true it is better to get bolt action? thanks again every one. chris

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looking to buy first gun? suggestions please

30/06 or 308 of a reputable maker, 3-9 leopold and go hunting.

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