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Looking for Advice

I live in puget sound washington and am new to hunting but have been told by my friends that I hould get into cougar hunting, and wanted some advice on
A.) what typre gun/bow to use on this hunt
B.)Where to hunt cougars
C.)What methods to use(calls, camoflauge, etc..), and

D.) How to find tracks

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Don't have a clue on cougar

Don't have a clue on cougar hunting up there, just wish they had it here in California. :wink:  Welcome to the site, and make sure to check out the forums.  There is lots of information to be found on all types of hunting, in all areas of the country. Be sure to throw up some photos and/or stories of your past hunts, we'd love to see them!

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Well first of all welcome to

Well first of all welcome to the BGH forum!!

As far as hunting  lions goes I don't know anything about your area. As far as a gun or bow they are really not that hard to kill and anything reasonable will work. I killed one with a .45 Colt back in 97bwith one shot after running it up a tree with dogs. That would be the most effective way to get one but I know calling works as well but I'm sure very difficult.

As far as finding tracks I would say find snow and look down while out hiking. lol There are a lot more of them out there than people think.

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Welcome to BGH! I kind of

Welcome to BGH!

I kind of think that without dog's your chances of getting a cougar are greatly reduced. I have heard that they can be called but I don't hear a lot about calling them. About finding them, I have seen exactly three in my life and one was after dark. They are not an animal that are very easy to sneek up on.

In your part of the world I'm not sure where you should hunt. In my part I've been in lots of places where they are supposed to be but have never seen one hunting for one. I don't believe I've even seem a track!


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