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looking for 44mag bullet 200-240grain

hey guys im looking for some harder nose bulluts for my 44mag ruger deer carbine. the only bullets that i can find on line are hollow points or soft lead tip with max expansion.i have looked at midway,cabelas and a few others posible i just missed it but i need a good bullet for stalking big body deer in the timber and i like a bullet that exits.and posible black bear hunt next year


                                      thanks yall

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Have you looked at or tried

Have you looked at or tried any of the bullets that are intended for the .444 Marlin?  Also check out the Barnes XPB bullets. 

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I am a diehard reloader and I

I am a diehard reloader and I hunt with a ruger 44 magnum carbine. The Barnes 240 grain up to 300 grainers are perfect bullets for the 44 in timber.

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