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Looking for...

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am looking for something I am having trouble finding. I am looking for (USED) 2.5x 28mm scopes. I can't find ANY. New or used; except for the $$$$ german ones, which no one who works for a living can afford. Now I know this is not the worlds most popular scope, so I am hoping that maybe somone will have one they no longer want. I have been recently laid off so I can't afford to buy new. Anyone who wants to get rid of any please send me a message. Burris or Leupold are the preferred brands, but will consider any 2.5 fixed power scope with NO objective bell. I have an older 4x Bushnell and a NIB 4x Bushnell rimfire (with .22 rings) which I would be willing to trade. Thanks for any help.