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Longs, SC Hunter!!!!

Hello everyone!

My name is Greg, but some people call me "Kong".

I'm 28, fairly new to hunting, and looking to make some friends to go hunting and fishing with (and possibly foraging as well) near my area. It's quite difficult to find people that you can really trust and meet, especially in my area. We have an archery club, and a few hunting clubs/lodges in the area/state, but even still it's just too much of a pain in the arse to find good people who are willing to share their stories, take you hunting or fishing, teach you the ropes, and just be good friends when the season is calm.

I'm hoping to find some outdoors friends, preferably a family man/woman; nothing would be sweeter than watching my kids play with your kids, while the married couples sit around, shoot the breeze, and talk about whatever...and then later we go fishing or hunting....you get the idea!

My son and daughter are both into fishing, and I can't wait to get them involved in hunting later on; the wife, she likes to fish, but not sure on the hunting part yet. A lot of times I end up with the Kids because of my schedule, so I try to take them out as much as I can, but running solo...not always going to be there.

So...are there any hunters/hunting families out there near my area? Hell, if you're going to come down to vacation near my area, maybe I can meet up with ya'll and we can do some hunting or fishing too!

My setup:

I have a PSE 3G Stinger Bow...this is what I use to hunt with. Nothing special, nothing overpriced, nothing "blingy"...just something to get the job done when I need it to get done. I have shot a gun before so If you want me to go "shooting" with ya, well..you'd have to have an extra gun for me, because I don't own one yet.

Shakespeare Ugly-Stik rod and 3 ball bering fresh water reel setup, 12lb test line, some spinner baits, some rooster tails, and a few jigs...again, nothing special, just what I need to get the job done.

Got my SOG knife and a few resource books that guarantee proper identification, but I'm still learning about this area.

I am NOT a member of a hunting club/lodge...most of them are way overpriced or quite a drive away. I am NOT a member of any premier clubs or resorts or ranges. I'm a common man, with below common wages...so don't expect me to have a bunch of cash to just blow on something I can do for free. I am a registered hunter/fisher in the state, I have passed my hunters safety course, and am a very disciplined individual, so you can trust me to not mess things up or cause a dangerous situation. I don't care of you're younger than me, older than me, or much older than me...don't care where you came from, what you do for a living, or any of that mess...we're all human beings, we all have our stories, and we all have our reasons for everything...just want to find a good lifelong friend/family or group of friends/families to be able to share stories with, go camping with, let our kids play together, go hunting/fishing with, and just plain hang out when we're not doing any of those other things!

For everyone else, It's nice to meet you here on the forums, and perhaps we'll meet one day and maybe share our stories as well!

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welcome, try this place here


try this place here I'm from summerville but the army has me in kansas going to texas next so I'm no real help to you. great bunch of guys and gals that hunt SC and always put hunts together in the WMAs.


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