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I am not an instigator and I don't appreciate your name calling.

You sat back and let some of your so called hunters talk about cutting fences and destroying private property not to mention name calling and then you want to blame me when if you had done your job, the thread would not have gotten out of hand to start with.

Are you in favor of fence cutting also?

Is there two sets of rules here? one for the people who agree with you and then another set for those with opposing opinions?

I don't have a motive and I certainly don't owe you an explanation just because you have some sort of feeling.



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Ok boys and girls this thread is now locked. Lets try to be more constructive in the future. There is no need to be insulting, even if we disagree.

Lynn, though you have kept your posts' language clean, you have still instigated. I get the feeling you are looking for an argument, not a reasonable discussion. You post remarks, then watch the thread blow up. We don't need that here. We've contacted you via PM to try and get a handle on your motives. You have not responded.

To everyone else, if you don't like a thread or a particular poster, don't post. No need to egg an instigator on.

Hammer you're welcome to post where ever you'd like. Nobody is restricted to their own geographic region

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I would consider it highly provocative and instigating to come on here and post business that is directed at the moderator and admin on the open forum after having been warned. Please come register over at my site so I can ban you and get some satisfaction.

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nice job, calling out the main moderator, that aught to get you somewhere. eye roll

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Big smile

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