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1. El Paso County
2. I have always enjoyed elk hunting. I have recently (last 10 years) really gotten into deer hunting. I shot my first bear this year…I’m hooked! We used to antelope hunt every year but those days are long gone. Now I’m trying to find a place to use my 12 points. I’m still waiting on a sheep license; 3+4 points. It’s all good.
3. I hunt with many different rifles. I muzzleload when I can with a traditional Lyman Great Plains .54. If I rifle hunt, it’s usually with one of my old lever actions, my favorite is a 45-75. When I hunt with a bolt action, it’s a 30-06.
4. I’m very sorry to say that I don’t own a dog any longer, my children are allergic. I had a FANTASTIC lab once named Cinder.

I was muzzloading for elk up in the Uncompahgre back in the early 80s with my dad. We stopped for lunch under a big pine tree. We had been sitting there enjoying our sandwiches for about 15 minutes when something fell out of the tree and landed right on my lap. As I examined it, I realized it was a large bird dropping. I turned to my dad and said “dad, something just s#!& on me”! We looked up and on the lowest branch about 10 feet up was a blue grouse. He was just sitting there cocking his head from one side of the branch to the other looking down at us in typical dumb grouse fashion. Dad said “well, why don’t you shoot him in the head”. So I leaned back and took careful aim, set the trigger, and fired. I had absolutely no reasonable expectation at the time of actually hitting a grouse in the head and I honestly don’t think my dad thought I would do it. I was young and really not that experienced. Well, low and behold through the cloud of smoke descended a headless grouse which landed in my lap squirting blood and flapping feathers all over the remaining unspoiled portions of my lunch and my clothes. To this day, my dad cant tell the story without tears in his eyes from laughing.

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Now that is sweet justice. He shit on your head and you blew his head off! Great story.

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1. Pueblo county

2. Bighorn, Elk, Pheasant, Waterfowl.

3. Lots of calibers I have never shot so can't comment.
I use a 7 mag and a .45-70 and try to shoot 500+ rounds/year through each to feel proficient. Not enough money or time to shoot my other rifles that much.

4. Heelers. My female has done well retrieving waterfowl and in hunt tests. I have a male that is larger and loves pheasant hunting. He also helps pack out elk with his dogpack. Only 20lbs or so per trip but it adds up over several trips.

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