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El Paso


300 Win Mag

Miniature Chi

Last year a group of boyscouts decided to camp right in our hunting area

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Location of Colorado Members

1.) County you are located in; Kiowa

2.) Favorite thing to hunt ( please list by priority from 1-100); Homegrown Mule Deer, & Whitetails, Elk, Moose---(because that gives me an excuse to back to Alaska), pheasants , Antelope, coyotes, prairie dogs, ducks & the occasional bunnie.

3.) Favorite caliber; Ah gee, that's tough. 7MM Rem Mag, I guess.

4.) Dog breed you own; Pit Bull female who is birdy.

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story; That would be the 2005 elk season when some low lifes from Pueblo stole my brother-in-laws elk...after he had already field dressed it! Swiped it while he went to get his truck. No more details, just makes me mad to remember it!

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AmericanBwana, Colorado Willie, Firedawg & Plainview. Big smile
Welcome to BGH! Thumbs up Good to have all of you on here.

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Location of Colorado Members

1.) County you are located in: Windsor in Weld County, Planning to move this summer to Pagosa Springs (I can't wait) Thumbs up

2.) Favorite thing to hunt: Pheasants & Quail, Coyotes, Elk, Deer, mnt Lion, Ducks & Geese and prairie dogs. I started hunting just 3 years ago so I’m sure I’ll add to the list and re-arrange as time goes on

3.) Favorite caliber: Right now it’s my new Ruger 7MM Rem Mag, I have been using a 223 on varmets that I like nad for a bit did have a .257 Roberts from my father in law that was pretty cool. I’m gonna try and get that back real soon.

4.) Dog breed you own: German Short Hair Pointer, he is 2 years old and loves birds. I have not had any official training for him but he finds and holds birds great, still working on locating down birds and the retrieve.

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story: Nothing too crazy for me bit I’ll try. I was out hunting for Coyotes with a buddy not far from my house and was saw a pronghorn that was on its side and not moving. Went closer to look and found it was shot that night and the horns were taken off. Called CDOW and they came out and investigated and last time I saw the DOW officer he said he had a pretty good case on the guys that did it. So it looks like I should be getting some kind of hunting Tag for the info, not sure what yet. I hope that will lead to a good hunting story.

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Re: Location of Colorado Members

1.) County you are located in; Salt Lake County, Utah

2.) Favorite thing to hunt ( please list by priority from 1-100);
1 - Elk
2 - Muleys
3 - Those are the only two big game species I've hunted however I will soon be adding bison, moose, antelope, and black bear.
3.) Favorite caliber; 7mm Rem Mag

4.) Dog breed you own; I currently don't have a dog.

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story;

That easy. I went on an elk hunt last year where we went two days early to scout and all it did was rain, rain and rain. We set up camp in the rain, we scouted in the rain, we slept in the rain, ate in the rain.....you get the idea. We were wondering if we should start building an ark.

Opening morning of the hunt the rain stopped!! We were so excited it stopped raining it made the hunt that much better. I scored on a 5x5 bull that evening. Lot's of excitement in camp that day......and lots of drying out.

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El Paso County (Falcon)
Elk and deer
30-06, 300 Win, 444 Marlin
No Pets
Hunt GMUs 11 and 211 (3rd Season)

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Sounds like we have a pretty diverse bunch of folks here and there. Welcome all you new folks! Stick around and share your ideas.

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El Paso and Pueblo Counties

Elk, Deer, Antelope, Bunnies, Coyotes.

Calibers, 7mm rem mag, 50 cal muzzle, 22 mag,

Dogs, Chia Pom, Pug

Last Elk Muzzle loader season opening weekend there was a guy bowhunting who was an irresponsible bugler. Buggled every ten minutes for two days. The following thursday almost clearing the top of our trail to where we hunt heard bugling and thought our irresponsible buggler was back, but it turned out to be actual elk this time.


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Weld County
Elk deer than all the rest
Germam shorthair named booner
Mostly bow hunt but take the kiddos rifle hunting . Looking for help with the up coming seasons as we are new to the Colorado scene. Thanks Dave
Let me get back to ya on the story have to pick one!

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Colorado Hunter

1.) El Paso

2.) Mule Deer, Elk, Turkey, Bear, Pronghorn

3.) .300 Wby

4.) None at present

5.) I had two doe tags last year and was hunting in GMU 43. I was sitting on the hillside with my nephew on Day 3 and three doe appeared down below. I had my nephew set up for the shot, which was probably about 225 yards. He had a bipod type unit that my brother had brought along and he took his shot...and missed. I was readying for potential shots and a few other deer popped up about 340 from me and they stopped moving after a short distance and I dropped one, filling my first tag. About this time my brother came from around the hill top to see what was going on with the shooting and about this time, two bucks appear below us at roughly 175 yards. My brother starts a loud whistle and they both stop, broadside to us, just looking up at us. My nephew was still sitting on his butt and was taking aim on the big buck for what seemed like 20 seconds (it was probably more like 5 seconds), at which point my brother said "PJ, Shoot the damn thing!" My nephew replied he couldn't get a steady site picture and shortly after that, the two bucks disappeared into the scrub oak. We watched for them to appear on the one side that might give us a shot and two doe appeared. Never saw the two bucks again, they had probably headed down hill. Anyway, with all the excitement, I took a rather long shot and it wasn't a good one. It was quartering away and I hit the left rear hip area, which I did not immediately realize, although my brother and nephew saw the blood patch first. We watched the two of them move off, with the one I hit limping badly. I was hoping she would lay down and die when she got near the road and we could just park close by and pick her up.

We waited the 30 minutes and went by the first doe I dropped. Right on target with that shot. She dropped on the spot. Then we went looking for the other one. Found the blood trail pretty quick and my brother thought he saw bubbles in the blood and announced to me I must have penetrated the lung. With the copious amounts of blood we were finding, I was sure we were going to come up on her at any time. Well, she went up a rather steep hillside from the gully she was in...which surprised me. Then, as we got just above the road, she jumped up and down the hill...I had my rifle at the ready but never had a chance to shoulder it for the shot before she disappeared. She crossed the road and went down. Down, down, down...into a mass of scrub oak. I went down into the scrub oak and saw her along a narrow game trail briefly. Heard her move one other time. And she was moving pretty good. She wasn't about to die without another bullet. I then lost her trail. My brother was up above and giving me directions but he had lost her too. I had to backtrack to the beginning of that scrub oak patch where I had last glimpsed her and start over. I tried the field expedient method of tossing rocks into the area: that didn't work. I finally found some blood again and got back on her trail. I heard her move and she was through 25 yards of the thickest scrub oak in the area and was attempting to go back up the hillside. I just shot through the scrub oak and she dropped and soon stopped moving. I marked the spot on my GPS and we went back to get the cleaning gear and my nephew. There was no way I was going to try to drag out the deer from that mess.

We took care of the first one with no problems. Going for the second one, my brother had again chosen to remain up top (bad knees). Sliding down the steep embankment, he told me to take some pictures before I cut it up and I told him I didn't have the camera...it was in my truck. He asked if it was locked and I told him yes, but I would toss him the keys. I three the keys up the embankment about 35 yards to my nephew, who was halfway down at that point. He picked up the keys that had landed within 12 inches of him and turned to throw them to my brother. At this point, I have to mention my nephew has been quite the high school football and basketball player, but he never played baseball. This was readily apparent when he went to throw the keys to his Dad and they flipped out at a 90 degree angle from where my brother was and they landed 25 yards away in the scrub oak. We were fortunate to find them. Two days later, we had 8 inches of snow. It turns out that the spare key I kept under my bumper was no longer there...so we were a bit fortunate or this would have been a truly ugly story. Anyway...speaking of ugly. We hacked our way in to where the dear lay. The left rear quarter meat was ruined from the first shot. The killing shot left a pie sized hole on the backside of where the bullet went in...more lost meat. No hide left to salvage from this deer. Plus, it stunk about as bad as a deer could stink for being dead for 40 minutes. Yep...entire digestive track was blown open. So, I could kind of stretch the story and say I filled my two doe tags within a five minute period, sort of, ... but certainly regret the shot placement.

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