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Hello All,

I thought It would be interesting to see where others are located in the state ( and out of the state also). This might help other folks find some new hunting buddies in the process. Especially the folks that are new to the area.

If you wouldn't mind please answer the following questions.

1.) County you are located in;

2.) Favorite thing to hunt ( please list by priority from 1-100);

3.) Favorite caliber;

4.) Dog breed you own;

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story;


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I'll start it out.

1.) County you are located in; Delta, Colorado

2.) Favorite thing to hunt ( please list by priority from 1-100); Deer, Elk, yotes, pheasants, grouse, waterfowl, chukar, quail, rabbits, good deals on guns!

3.) Favorite caliber; Rem. 7mm mag, 223

4.) Dog breed you own; Labs

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story;

In my younger years I fancied myself quite the mountain man. I decided I had had enough of the easy life in camp (wall tent, wood stove and cots) and packed up a few items in the old backpack and headed out to find my big buck. Because everyone know's the big one's don't hang out close to camp Brick Wall,) . Hiked for neary a day before setting up camp. Camp was a tarp, food was jerky and dried fruit no fire cause I didn't want to scare the game away in my area. That first night it started to snow and didn't quit all night. I didn't sleep more than a couple of hours all night long. 8 inches of snow greeted me in the morning. I got up and started to hunt. Great tracking weather...cut one coyote track and that was in camp ( I think he marked my tent) Laugh . It kept snowing all day and I returned to my tarp cold wet and hungry. Ate a hearty dinner of jerky and dried fruit around a massive fire then tried to get some sleep. Still snowed all night and by morning I was in 20+ inches of snow. Decided that being cold wet and hungry was not fun so packed up my tarp and headed out. The trip in took one day...the trip out took two days. It was still snowing all the time. I was so worried about getting out with my skin that I forgot the hunting part of the trip. I finally got within 400 yards of camp and out jumps a monster spike buck. Shot the tasty little critter cause season was nearly over. Dressed the deer and headed for camp. Well when I got to camp I was greeted by my 3 hunting buddies, they all had been quite worried about me when the snow started but knew I could handle myself (later they told me if I hadn't gotten back to camp that night they were going to call the Search and rescue folks). My three buddies had all killed very respectable bucks much larger than my spike for sure. They had also polished off the last of the single malt scotch. Moral of the story...they are where you find them and roughing it doesn't give you much of an edge. Brick Wall,)

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1) Douglas, Colorado
2) All Big Game....In order, that's hard....Elk, Muleys, Pronghorns, Bear, Whistle Pigs & Coyote
3) .300 Winchester Magnum, .50 Cal Muzzleloader & Compound Bow, right now I shoot a Alpine.
4) German Shepherd

5) I have a few that come to mind but this years Colorado antelope hunt was pretty bad......http://www.biggamehunt.net/node/18514

The next morning we head back to the same area we hunted the previous two mornings. I hike all the way back in, beyond the area where I saw the nice buck from yesterday, it is still raining, really muddy and my socks, pants, coat are soaked through. I'm cold and shaking like a quakie leave on a windy day. I put on my rain coat and started glassing. I see the big herd a mile away. I then see a couple of antelope bedded 500 yards or so out. A couple of bucks and a doe. I glass for some time and decide that one of the bucks is worthy of some lead poisoning, so I start the long stalk. I had only a few chola to hide behind and the doe was bedded looking my direction, so I had to be patient and wait for her to turn or get up to feed. An hour later she decides to stand up and starts to feed and one buck stands up with her. They move out a little and I start crawling on my belly and make it a hundred yards or so before they bed back down next to the other buck. I can only see the horns of this other buck and now can see them well. After 30 minutes or so, I never see his head move. By now I am freezing and my teeth are chattering and I start doubting to myself if these horns are really attached to a antelope.
I haven't seen him move in over a hour but hey maybe he's a sleep. By the way their heads are tilted I can tell the other two are sleeping now and decide to get closer and be ready for a shot. I move in 300, 250, 200 yards and they still don't see me.....I keep pushing it and get within 150 yards before they jump up and scream out of there. Only two run off and sure enough the other is a perfectly shaped antelope horn, STICK!!!!!!!!! I stalked a stick for three hours! I sat down in the mud and ate some lunch and thought of how much I love hunting, even when things don't turn out. That's why they call it hunting and not killing.
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1.) County you are located in; EL Paso

2.) Favorite thing to hunt ( please list by priority from 1-100); antelope, deer, elk this coming season (2007)

3.) Favorite caliber; .243, 7mm wsm, 300wsm (listing by #2)

4.) Dog breed you own; Unfortunately none now. A week ago yesterday (15 Dec 06) we had to put our beloved mutt to sleep. She was 14 and had a long spoiled life. Miss her terribly

5.) Most obnoxious hunting story; Not really obnoxious, but after 4 years statoned overseas and not being able to hunt effective due to TDY's for another 5 years I was going to fill a tag. Here goes:

Details: Thursday: Couldn't get any closer than 600yds. Spooked them out of the area they were feeding in. Went back in the next day (Friday) and they were about half mile away. So I laid down and started my wait (0845hr). There were 2 bucks trying to get at some of the does but the dominated buck was running his arse off after the 2 other bucks. I did fall asleep for 50 minutes. After waiting almost 7 1/2 hours (he was down at 1610hr) they finally got within range. Unfortunally the big buck never presented a shot, and being so open I didn't want to chance it any longer. There were 28 in the herd and that is alot of eyes, besides my neck was killing me from laying there keepng an eye on them. I was able to get one of the smaller ones (as you can see from the pictures there was absolutely no cover to speak of) and he was the first buck to get in my field of fire. I had ranged a small group of rocks at 248 yds. He was real close to them so I decided to take the shot (after he was down I ranged him at 262yds). Bad part was it took 2 shots to anchor him. First one knocked him down and I thought I had a good hit, but he got back up. Fired a quick second shot and missed. He took about 4 steps and stopped again. This time I took my time and hit him again and he was down for good. The first shot I hit him high above the shoulders, the second hit was right through the lungs quatering forward. I feel bad it took 2 shots, because I pride myself in my marksmanship. This is the 5th antelope I have shot ( 2nd furthest by the way) and all were one shot kills. I guess after lying down all that time, not eating and with rain showers off an on, must have drained my concetration.

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Weld Country
Elk and deer then it would be geese
.338 WM and 10 Gauge!
2 Black Labs.....1 male and 1 female!

Don't really have a good story to tell alot of my hunts have been pretty uinevetful. but I will give it some thought and edit my post when I think of a good one!

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Outstanding! Sounds like we have most of the members on the front range so far. I know there are a few on the west slope...any care to dive in. Thanks for your stories and edit anytime.

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Hi everyone.
1. Mesa County
2. Elk are my favorite, followed by deer, then everything else
3. 6 mm Rem. 30/06
4. Mutt
5. Most obnoxious thing that happened to me was in 1999, I shot a very distinctive bull. I happened to be in the right place when someone else spooked the elk to me. I shot the bull and field dressed him before dark, it was November, so I didn't mind leaving him overnight to cool out. The next morning I went to pack him out and the #$%^&&***( that had spooked him to me had come in and stolen him. We spent the next day searching camps and talking to people until we found the guys that had done it. A real bunch of scumbags!

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1. Araphoe County

2. Elk, Whitetails, Speed Goats, Muleys, Turkeys, Geese, Pheasants, Ducks, Doves

3. Winnie Model 70 supergrade in 7mm Rem Mag, Browning BPS 10 ga

4. Yellow Lab and a weiner dog

5. Had to be the time when I had the sudden urge to expel something after a hearty breakfast of green chili, eggs and alot of black coffee. Just couldn't get the bibs off and drop the pants fast enough...but I did. As I was fumbling around to take a boot off and grab a sock, a nice 4x4 bull casually saunters past me at about 50 yds through the timber. Standing there with my bibs and pants around my ankles with a boot off, I tried to grab the rifle put one through the bull's boilermaker. Instead of making the shot, I tripped on the sraps from my bibs and landed in somehting stinky.

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Douglas County
Elk, deer
Hoyt Magnatec
Great Dane
Having a x hunting partner convince me that elk we are hearing wasn't really an elk. Only to find out later that it was. And to add insult to injury, he gets a shot 2 hours later.

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El Paso County
Elk, Muleys
7mm Ruger mag
No dogs

No big stories

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Powderhorn, Co.
Gunnison County
7mm. mag.
elk, mule deer
blue heeler
no big stories

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