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Local shooting range open during gun deer season

Why does the DNR allow a shooting range to be open during the gun deer season? Our local shooting range here in spooner, WI stays open during the gun deer season, both the early zone-T hunt in Oct. and of course the regular Gun hunt in Nov.
The constant shooting scares the deer away, makes them real spooky, during this last season Oct. 24th - 27th person or persons were shooting daily, all the way up to closing hours on the hunt, the last day I counted over 350 rounds going off up until the last 4 minutes of the season close, i was on my stand with others in our group also.
The company that owns the range, Spooner Sports Inc. obviously has no respect or common courtesy for thier fellow hunters and land owners by allowing the range to stay open during those few days a year that the gun deer season is open, even though it is not required by law that they do so you would think that out of common courtesy that they would not allow shooting during those days.
Calling our local DNR about it, all we got from them was a laugh and saying that it was allowed for them to do it, they too no more cared about them doing that then the range owners.
It's funny seeing as us hunters support the sport by paying for our licenses, etc. and keeping the DNR employed, you would think that they would take a more serious look at it then just laughing about it.
But this just goes to show how delicate our hunting is becoming even out here in the sticks, what better way for an anti-hunter to screw up the local hunting in this area by going to the range and shooting up a storm to scare the deer, the deer were real spooky and mainly no where to be seen, it's a shame, it hurts all of us hunters.

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Local shooting range open during gun deer season

I also have a complaint about the shooting range in Spooner WI. My complaint is pretty much the same as your member Leper2000's.
When I am hunting i would like to enjoy a nice hunt, one that is not disturbed by fools shooting off rounds deliberately designed to frighten the deer in the area. I know exactly what you are speaking of Leper2000 and I also experienced this same thing during the T-zone hunt. We knew that there were people in the area that were in protest of this T-zone hunt and when we heard the constant shooting coming from the range we knew that it was more than just someone sighting in their firearm. At any rate automatic rifles are what was being used. Daily, shots fired constantly, round after round, from morning until deer season closing time of the day, throughout the whole season. Members of our hunting party did call and complain to the DNR in spooner and the only response that they got was "well, its legal" and they laughed. We will get the last laugh if we continue to get this response. Before long unhappy hunters will refuse to buy a license for this area and choose to hunt in more hospitable surroundings. Then the DNR will be out of luck when they no longer have the funds they get from those deer licenses sold. The fool that owns the shooting range owns a sporting goods in the town of Spooner too. Kind of a conflict of interest, isnt it?

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Local shooting range open during gun deer season

Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear about your situation there in Spooner. Here are some thoughts:

If you believe this shooting is going on intentionally to scare off deer
and destroy the hunt, then please write a formal complaint to the Wisconsin DNR. If this is intentional something needs to be done by the state DNR office or local law enforcement and they need to be made aware of the situation.

However, if you feel this situation is not intentional, but simply a foolish act
by the gun range. Then write a formal letter to the owners of the gun range.Please understand that they may be a legitimate business, just trying to do their job during the season, that will be for you to determine.

Regardless of whom you write, you should:

- Spell out your requested action, either being no shooting, or shooting only during a set time on set days (such as from 10 AM to 1 AM on Mondays and Tuesdays).

- Have all members of both hunting parties sign the letter. More signatures show that the complaint is legitimate and involves multiple parties.

- Spell out what you intend to do if the situation is not corrected. That could be not using the hunting shop in question and stating that you will be moving to a new hunting area.

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