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Loading for a 270

my load was IMR 4831 55.4gr with a 130 gr nossler BT bullet. Thanks for the comments on groups. I guess in my mind I should put those holes through each other as I have a really nice gun rest sitting on the bench. I must still somehow move even as I touch of the trigger as in a group of 3 shots, I will put 2 together, mostly touching then the third goes off. Not that you get a third shot hunting very often unless its chicken in a tree. I really appreciate the advice here, I still am working at believing these result with just a different powder. Make me think of tring it with my 30-06. which with the loads I make now shoots better then the 270. But it also my rifle lefthanded and all.

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Loading for a 270

4350 powder gives you higher velocitity and energy than 4831 with 150 gr bullets
With 180 grainers the velocity & energy are relatively the same
I would not use 4831 with a bullet lighter tham 150 gr in the 30.06.
Many moons ago I was given a few pounds of IMR 3031 and used it for 270 loads at the range only. It shot beautifully. I can't be sure on this, but something tells me the charge was 41.0 grains of IRM 3031.
Hard to beat 4350 for the 06, and you're not going to beat 4831 in the 270 in my most humble opinion. Did I say humble Big smile Big smile Big smile

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Loading for a 270

There was one instance, when I wasn't familiar with the rifle, where I took my 270 wsm to the range for some test firing and after a three round volley. I only found one hole in the paper.
My first thought was. Where in the heck did those other two bullets go. I know I hit the target.
I tried again. This time there was indication that all three had hit. There was one hole but, it was way larger than a .277 would make.
My oh my, that's a good feeling.

From that point on. I started loading all of the 06' size cases and wsm size cases with 4831 or slower. With excellent results from all.

What really amazed me was how well H4831 worked in a 243 win.

Bullet type may be a factor. I tend to use bullets with thicker, alloyed copper jackets. Which makes them a bit harder than the thinner jacket in the Sierras, Nosler BT's and so on. It takes a bit more for the thicker jackets to set themselves to the lands.
With you using the Nosler BT's. It answers a question I had. The harder jacket may not be a factor. The use of the slower powder may be the total difference.

Ain't this great. I haven't had this much fun since I was trying to find the best marble to shoot and when you find that shooter. You get a special keeper.

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