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Little Johnny

Teacher gets up if front of her third grade class and proclaims it is now math-time.

Teacher: "Class, there are three Crows sitting in a tree...you shoot one of them with a rifle. How many are left"?

Little Johnny going apesh** raising hand, gets to answer: "There aren't any left. The one you shot is dead and the other two flew away from the sound of the rifle", says Johnny proud as a Peacock.

Teacher: "No Johnny, you are wrong. There are still two crows left....but I like the way you are thinking".

Johnny is miffed...ready to boil over.

Johnny: "Teacher, may I ask you a math question"? (of course, she says). He asks, "There are three women eating ice-cream cones, one is just licking the top, one is licking around the bottom, and one has the whole thing in her mouth. Which one is married"?

Teacher: "Uummmm....I guess the one with the whole ice-cream cone in her mouth".

Johnny: "No teacher, YOU are wrong. It's the one with the ring on her left hand....but I like the way you are thinking"!!!

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Little Johnny


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Little Johnny

Good one Don Thumbs up

I like the way you're thinking too

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Little Johnny

lol HA HA HA Yes

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Little Johnny

Thumbs up hahahaa

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