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Re: Little girl interrested in hunting.....
jmac wrote:
My Daughter, 7 years old, is interrested in hunting and wants daddy to take her shooting. Does any one have any suggestions on what kind of gun I should start her out on?

I taught all three of my daughters about hunting starting with a reasonably light pellet rifle. They all accompanied me to start with on squirrel or rabbit hunts and had to carry the unloadedf pellet rifle without pointing it at me as we tramped through the woods. They all started when they were around seven and did not get a .410 gauge until they were about ten or eleven. I had them memorize the hunters good rules as published in the eary 1970's by the NRA. At that time there were NO safety classes for anyone. My hunting started in Honolulu, Hawaii when I was about nine years old with a B. B. gun. Being a professional musician and traveling a lot I've had a lot of hunting experiences in several states. I've hunted deer in Nevada and Texas, quail in Alabama, doves in Mexico and a lot of duck and goose hunting in Louisiana. The varied experiences plus my background as a teacher gave my girls a good basic grounding in firearms and their safe use. I would not let them point a cap pistol at me. Many people think that's radical but it emphsizes the lesson that there is no such thing as an unloaded gun. If I can be of any assistance, e-mail me.


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