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Little cousins first turkeybird

This was my little cousins first time turkey hunting , and now he and his dad are hooked, it turned out to be a very eventful morning. He took the turkey 6 minutes after shooting time. The bird flew down out of the roost and walked straight for us with a jake, the birds came in to about 15 yards but his gun was caught in the briars so he could not move, after not finding the hen they walked away and when they were far enough out of view i called them back and he nailed the bird at 23 yards. Very proud of him for his patience . 23 lb 10 inch beard 1 inch spurs

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Good job! My buddy missed

Good job! My buddy missed the biggest jake I've ever seen at less than 20 yards that came in to my call last Monday on the season opener. I guess he just didn't get down on the gun good and shot right over it's head. I'll be mentoring two kids this weekend as a part of our NWTF Chapter kids weekend that we run every year at Fort Custer.

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nice job


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Awesome!  Turkey hunting is

Awesome!  Turkey hunting is so much fun, and it is great to get more people hooked on it!  That is an awesome bird.  If he has the tailfan mounted, through up those pictures as well.  Congrats to your cousin!

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