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little bros first buck

my buddies little brother was lucky enough to get a 021 tag in nevada wich is a late december hunt in our own back yard. we went out spotting the area several times and unfortunatly we did not see anything better then a 3X2 wich is odd  being this area holds awsome good size bucks but i guess thats better then seein no antler at all, but anyways we went out and he conected with a forky that he stalked from 400 or so yards to about 75 and dropped him in his tracks.......not the biggest but not bad for a first timer, im shure he's gonna taste great..

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That's pretty nice!  Big buck

That's pretty nice!  Big buck or small buck, he looks happy!  I'd take that one too.... Wink

Congrats to your little brother!

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Congrats on your deer little

Congrats on your deer little bro!!! Hope you get many more.  Thumbs up

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Congrats to your buddy's little brother on a nice first buck!  I am impressed that he had the patience to stalk in from 400 yards clear to 75 yards before letting the lead fly.  I think that is one of the harder things starting out is learning that you can get closer to take a shot you are comfortable with.  It is better to try to get within your personal range before shooting since an animal that spooks and walks away unharmed while you are trying to get an ethical is better than an animal getting wounded on a shot you had no business taking in the first place.  Again, congrats on the first of many to come!

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Thats a great first buck, he

Thats a great first buck, he is just about the same size of my first buck and i'm still proud of it.

Good job helping out your buddies little bro.

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Good Shooting Little Buddy!

I'm tickled that the little man had a great stalk giving him a chance early on to appreciate the stalking, sneaking, working the topography and the wind...all the stuff that makes a great hunt.

Your buddy might have a closet muzzleloader on your hands though - sneaking up to 75 yards.  Way To Go!!

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