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Lion hunt is coming up

Well for the most part we are done bear hunting for the year here in Utah. There may be a few out in November when the hunt opens back up, but I am looking forward to chaising some lion. I have been on quite a few miserable bear races this fall, and I think it will be nice to chase something that will actually climb a tree. Now that I say that, I'll have to hunt baying and walking lions. Just wondering if anyone else is getting as pumped up as me waiting for it to open. I hope I can get someone in my family to draw a tag. I am glad that most of it is opening a month earlier. The way it is feeling we will probably have some of that **** snow to wallow through.

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Mt. Lion season

I'm thinking about applying for a tag. I know Southern Utah well, around Beaver area. I drew a deer tag this year, only a few more weeks to go, can't wait...... I would like to try Mt. Lion hunt too. Only if I could get some more info. on where to hunt, my hunting buddies might be interested.

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lion hunting

Donobrew, the only bad thing for you is your from California. If the laws are the same as they was, you can't even take a lion home with you. California laws? What the hell are they thinking anyway.

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