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link between CWD and GMO crops?

I don't know a whole lot about CWD because it doesn't seem o be prevalent in my area (upper east TN on the TN/VA border) but from what I understand it's some sort of mutation (prion). I know that a large part of crops (tomatoes, tobacco, corn, cotton, soybeans, ect) grown large scale are genetically modified and most of what hunters use for bait or feeders (pretty much anything in feed stores, grocery stores, and big box stores) have genetically modified ingredients in them. So I got to thinking, GMO crops have been proven to cause mutations (not to mention spontaneous abrtions) in the cattle it was originally fed to while in testing phases. Though CWD has been around since 1967 (at the latest) is it possible that the increase in GMO crops could be a contributing factor in the spread of CWD?

I typed in the title of this post in Google and it seems that no one has done any investigationg into it.