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a lil over par and a 3 pt. buck?

I thought this was interesting..... today at one of my hihg school golf matches... i was on the 9th hole. of FT. Lewis Golf coarse... and after scouting last saterday and see no bucks...... i found a 3 pt. on the green of the 9th hole with 2 does.....they trotted off when they saw us approching but it was interesting.....not to mention the flock of about 60 geese on the hole right next to us....maybe i should just hun t the golf coarse.... but i live like 1 hr away...

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a lil over par and a 3 pt. buck?

Golf courses are like magnets to wildlife Yes

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a lil over par and a 3 pt. buck?

I remember a few year back i was playing 18 at a course just outside Wasilla Alaska and we had moose out on the course.

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