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Lickity Split

I have lots of sisters. All are married. My oldest sister is the biggest character of all of them. Christina was a profession student for quite some time. She changed majors more than any person should allowed to. She did pick one good thing along the way. Her choice of husbands was A Number One. His name is Joe. He is my favorite brother in law. About 2 weeks ago I met up with Christina and Joe.

Part of the reason I like Joe so much is he listened to all of my fishing stories. No matter if I have already told him the story 10 times already.. He still sets there and acts or is actually interested. We always end the conversations with the same thing. I always invite him to go trout fishing with me when he retires. He tells me he will take me up on the invitation as soon as he retires. He has worked the same job for 45 years.

He tells the same old story about when he was a kid. The cane pole and nightcrawlers were his favorite weapon for trout. He says he lived in "Trout Heaven" As a young adult he ran the local tavern in Towerville for his mother. He would close the tavern for a couple hours when it was slow on the weekend and walk behind the tavern and dig a couple nightcrawlers and catch a limit of trout
"Lickity Split" (Joe's favorite trout saying.)
He would brag that his mother didn't even know he closed the tavern because he was so good with that cane pole.

During our conversations I would tell him about all the new trends and flies and lures. He would always refer back to his cane pole. He said that it is all he ever needed and wanted. Joe always was amazed at all of the unwritten rules that went with trout fishing. He didn't think much of the catch and release (Craze) "Joe's words" He thought lunker structure and bank improvement was like trying to groom a golf green. What is the fun in fishing in a Petting Zoo he would always say.

Two weeks ago something changed. After we yacked for a couple hours, Joe told me that where he worked in LaCrosse has been sold and he would be retiring the end of December. Joe said he was going to cash in on all of those invitations I gave through the years.

Two days ago my mother called me. She told me that Joe is in the hospital. He went in with congested lungs. When they did a lung xray they discovered masses on each of his lungs. They did a bone marrow test and his white blood cells are at an extremely low level. He is staying for additional tests.

I just got off the phone with him and told him that he needed to get better.

"Lickity Split"

So we can trout fish in March.

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Lickity Split

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother-in-law. One of the greatest medicines to have is to have something to look forward to, a goal of sorts. Tell him we want pictures of the trout he catches in March. Thumbs up

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