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license increase in michigan

now i see gov.granholm wants the legislature to push for the proposed fee increase?????since we passed prop.3 neither her or any of the other crooked politicians can get thier hands on this money for other purposes;so why is she all of a sudden so interested in this issue?she is running our states economy into the ground and helping put more and more people on the unemployment and welfare roles than ever before,so how can she justify this?what's her angle?does'nt she realize that an average family w/3 or 4 hunters will not be able to afford to enjoy the sport anymore?or that more and more people will take the risk of hunting and fishing w/o a license?
i sincerely hope she is not considering a 3rd term in 2010,because she is angering a lot of groups in the areas of outdoor sports and recreation and they all vote!!!!
take heed governor,the voice of the people is going to get louder... Shame on You!

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license increase in michigan

I don't see how she got re-elected in the first place. In my opinion if it wasn't for the unions backing her she would be out of a job today.Now what is she doing about all the job losses in the auto industry? I haven't heard one good thing she has done for this states economy. With all her so called "revenue enhancements" she is making Michigan a very expensive place to live. My best friend moved to Florida because of no work and more and more people are leaving everyday. I agree with you Brown City that many of us will take the risk to hunt/fish without a license because with the fee increase it's going to become a luxury not a recreation. Oh yeah and your right we all vote!!

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license increase in michigan

Don't blame me! I didn't vote for her.

You're dead on with your comments fellas.

I have a large family. By the time I get done buying licenses for myself, wife and kids I'll spend a small fortune under the proposed plans.

Granholm just wants the working families of Michigan to continue on paying for everything. Higher taxes, higher hunting licenses, higher drivers license fees, higher insurance premiums. A tax and spend government is not right for the state of Michigan.

We can thank the union members and welfare recipients for voting her in. Higher taxes for us......to give more money to people that aren't willing to work. Why wouldn't they want it?